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Evolve Professional Counseling LLC is a child, adult, and family outpatient mental health service agency.

Counseling programs to choose from. Individual, family sessions., group counseling. The format is either in-person or through video telehealth


The vision for Evolve Professional Counseling LLC is to work independently as well as collaboratively with physicians, educators, and other stakeholders in the community we serve to provide individuals and families with the highest quality behavioral health services available.


Evolve Professional Counseling is ODMHSAS accredited.

Basic Services

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy


Play Therapy

Case Management

Group Counseling

Court Counselor Mediation


  • ADHD

  • Psychological/Personality

  • Intellectual

  • Depression

  • Autism Spectrum Screening

  • Depression 


Child-Parent Reunification

Classroom Consultation

Workshops for Professionals

Behavior Solution Activities

Supervised Visitation

Parent Coordinator Services Provided by:

Stacy C. Hall, NCCE,NCPC, M.Ed. LPC

Payment Sources


Blue Cross Blue Shield,

Champ VA,

 Community Care,


New Directions, EAP's

United Healthcare, Tricare, Workplace Options

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm

Friday by appointment only

We Are Here For You

Please Give us a call 


Scheduling 918-453-1055
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